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Shopify Product Variants SEO

Is it possible? Can we have profit from product variants pages?

Shopify is a very popular and powerful e-commerce platform. More than 1 million merchants all over the world use it for their online stores. If you read this article that means that you are already a Shopify merchant or planning to be one :)

Probably you already know about peculiar features of Shopify: products, collections, themes, Shopify App Store, e.t.c. One of the specific Shopify features is product variants. 

Product variants are products that have a low difference from each other. For example different sizes of shoes, clothes colors, bicycle frame sizes, and so on. If you create product variants in Shopify and look at its URL, you will find an append to the end of the main product URL like this: ?variant=1234. It’s become easy to share that product variant URL via messengers or Social Media.

From the point of view of SEO, there are special issues. 
  • Such URLs are canonicalized to the main product. That means that the product variant URL wouldn’t be indexed by search engines. 
  • We can’t change product variant meta tags and product descriptions on its page. That means appearing content duplications for search engines.
  • We can’t create internal cross-links to Product variant URLs from the main product page.

Maybe you have hundreds of product variants, but search engines never find them also your clients never find your product variants via Google, Bing, and e.t.c. it’s ruefully. The bigger cool and unique product pages inside our store that are visible for search engines, the better ranking results and organic traffic we will get to our store!

How can we solve this problem? If you type in Google query like «How to SEO Shopify product variants» you will find many articles and blog posts with next advice:

  • Don’t use product variants. Create separate products. 
  • Create separate collections for the main product options
  • Don’t try to SEO product variants. It’s impossible at Shopify 

Don’t believe them! Our developers found the decision!

Appic Lab's specialists created the unique SEO Assistant app for Shopify merchants that help you to make SEO for product variants and to avoid of management of hundred and thousands of separate products.

Key features of the SEO Assistant app:

  • Bulk Editor allows you to define all meta tags for products and product variants using a large number of variables. Just create templates for your selected products and all data will be rewritten in a few minutes
  • Very flexible conditions for selecting products in Bulk Editor
  • Our App automatically rewrite canonical URL for product variants to make them indexable. 
  • Define unique alt tags for images of separate products and product variants

You are still in doubt? Just try our SEO Assistant app and boost online store SEO!

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